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  • Intro to Azure Sentinel

    In the world of technology, cybersecurity is the #1 priority for any company. With the almost infinite amount of threats companies can face, protection for your company seems almost impossible to do. In addition to that, many companies only sell partial cybersecurity solutions, but it gets cumbersome to make sure which version of the software is compatible with other types of programs. Companies would be at ease if all the solutions were in one service. Microsoft heard that call and answered it definitively with Azure Sentinel.

  • Engineering Mental Health

    Maybe you’re here because you want to see what a CTO has to say about Mental Health in an age where burnout is very real, especially in the technology sector. Perhaps you’re curious how someone can “engineer” mental health. Or maybe my biggest fan sent you… thanks Mom! Regardless, you’re here, and I hope you enjoy.

  • Idem for Microsoft Azure: Version 2.1 Update

    I recently announced on LinkedIn that version 2.0 of idem-azurerm has been released. Well, we’re already releasing an update that will hopefully simplify credential handling. Check out the previous article for reference.

  • Getting Started with Idem for Microsoft Azure

    I recently announced on LinkedIn that version 2.0 of idem-azurerm has been released. This article will hopefully clear up any vagaries from that post and give you a good understanding of how to start using this plugin to interact with your Azure environment.

  • 5 Ways to Leverage Automation to Enhance Cybersecurity Posture

    Many great people have been quoted over the years in saying that lazy people are the best choice when assigning difficult tasks because they will find the easiest way to accomplish it.

  • Reflections on Microsoft Ignite 2019

    I was very nervous about attending my first Microsoft Ignite. So, I set a goal for myself. I would seek out, meet, and learn about 50 new people while at Microsoft Ignite 2019. It was a very ambitious goal, especially for someone who normally met that many people in the span of several months… not 5 days.

  • Salt 101: A Beginner's Perspective

    As soon as my first day interning at EITR Technologies began, I could tell that Salt was something special. My boss, Nicholas Hughes, introduced it to me with such passion and respect that I was genuinely excited to learn all about it. Having just finished my sophomore year of college, I had no experience working with anything like the Salt platform because my coursework so far had consisted primarily of programming courses in Java, C, and Ruby. Salt would be my first real world step into the computer science industry and into Python.

  • Certificate Lifecycle Management with SaltStack

    Digital certificates are the backbone of modern Internet communication. They provide the mechanism by which users of a network service can verify the legitimacy of an endpoint. Malicious actors can very easily mimic the interfaces of your banking institution or favorite online store. What’s to stop them from tricking you into surrendering your sensitive information? Trust.

  • Cross-Domain Command & Control with SaltStack Enterprise

    TL;DR;WTVI (Too Long; Didn’t Read; Watched the Video Instead)

  • A Biased Critique of Ansible vs. Salt Search Results

    So… here I am, gearing up to write a blog post comparing the features of Ansible and Salt for probably the one-hundredth time while somehow finding something new to say.

  • Running Multiple Elasticsearch 6.x Instances on a Single Server

    You’re probably here as a result of being in the same boat as me… you just completely refuse to listen when people tell you something can’t or shouldn’t be done.