EITR Technologies provides exceptional engineering and consulting services across industries. Founded in 2018, our team has a wealth of experience cultivating an outstanding reputation in the Intelligence Community, Commercial Sector, and Open Source Community. We boast a large breadth of expertise in cloud technologies, automation, big data, analytics, networking, and security. These skills combine to provide comprehensive solutions to our client's most complex problems.


Connecting services and systems through secure, reliable communications. With implementations spanning classic hardware setups through virtual environments to hybrid solutions, the Networks Team provides unparalleled depth of knowledge generating intelligent architectures and execution of sustainable integrations.

Security, automation, and analysis of network components and traffic from legacy to modern implementations enables users and administrators to support defended, stable, and continued operations. Deep understanding of network architectures, applications, and standards enables teams to recognize reliable communication, consistent configuration, with maintainable and monitorable functionality.

Network Architecture
Design, Implementation, and Optimization
Network Security
Defense in Depth, Hardware and Software Controls
Network Automation
Event-driven automation, Configuration Management
Wireless Solutions
Enterprise Mobility, Network Extension, BYOD Security
Protocol Analysis
Deep Packet Inspection, Traffic Analysis, Reporting


As the backbone of all services, the Systems Team understands the critical need for robust solutions. Integration of modern execution techniques unique to the established environment enables customers to observe consistent success from product conception through operations and maintenance.

Thorough understanding of system components from installation through configuration and tuning enables strong system design and implementation. These considerations empower product owners to rest easy, with assured solutions providing maximum uptime, secure communications, and sustainable architectures.

Automation & Orchestration
Event-driven automation, Config Management
Cloud Technologies
Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Service Integration
Compliance Frameworks, Vulnerability Management
Data Transport / ETL
Ingest, Transformation, Storage and Queuing
Industrial Control Systems
SCADA Security, IIoT Topology, Open Protocols

Data & Engineering

From idea to solution, the Data and Engineering Team generates thorough evaluations, sustainable architectures, robust analytics to solve problems for unique customer bases. Appropriate leadership, scheduling, and procedures are employed to ensure schedule and scope are maintained and met.

Enabling users and systems to gain valuable insights through data analysis and evaluation surges industry leaders to the next level. The basis of these systems are scalable infrastructure coupled with advanced analytic systems to merge and learn from disparate datasets. Understanding customer needs combined with exceptional engineering experience empowers engineers to generate top-tier solutions.

Big Data Systems
Search, Analyze, Visualize, Monitor, Validate
Container Platforms
Elastic Capacity, Consistent Environment
Data Analysis and Engineering
Specialized, Learning, Analytics
Custom Development
Full-cycle Software Engineering, Code Management
Project Leadership
Requirement Analysis, Design Assessment, Strategy